…is an interdisciplinary creative duo:



Amelia Foster is an artist, conservationist and educator from planet Earth. She studied the coral microbiome in Dr. Vega-Thurber’s laboratory at Oregon State University, where she obtained her degrees in Microbiology and International Studies. In Fall 2018, she lived aboard the Schooner Adventuress, where she taught experiential environmental education and nautical skills to surrounding communities. Currently residing in New York City, she is an educator and artist whose work explores unseen and unspoken realities of interspecific ecosystems of abuse, histories and sexualities.


Jerone Hsu is an Earthling working at the intersection of participatory platforms, community experiences, and interdisciplinary collaborations. As an artist, muralist, strategist, and designer, he likes to do creative stuff to serve the various communities that have and continue to nourish him. He is currently engaged a performance art piece called, “No, Seriously, There’s Still Hope” where he invites participants to pretend alongside him that there’s totally still hope and it’s actually not too late to act in accordance with our conscience and make meaningful, positive change in the world. No, seriously.





This project was made possible with the ardent support of Prime Produce, a grassroots guild for good — an ecosystem of friends, family, and neighbors who cultivate practices of intentional service.

REEF WAKE gives special thanks not only for graciously hosting the physical installation at the Prime Produce Guild for Good in Hell’s Kitchen, but also for the efforts of various and varied Prime Producers, who have contributed conceptually and materially to this project: thank you for the ideas, the collaboration, the extra hands, the moral support, and thanks to so many who have diligently rescued, washed, and saved all those plastics for us. There are too many people to list (and we have no way to know everyone who contributed plastics to the plastic film bin in the kitchenette), so please know that this project also belongs to you and our cozy collection of amazing people.

For more information about the community, check out the facebook page. To learn more about the cooperatively-run Guild for Good, check out the coop’s website.

Several neighbors and even a grocery store in the neighborhood surrounding Prime Produce in Hell’s Kitchen have pitched in to contribute supplies (aka discarded plastic films) for REEF WAKE.

We would like to thank these wonderful neighbors and community members for their involvement. On a planet so small and interconnected, everyone is a neighbor.


Amelia’s mom, Vanessa, generously shipped her prized Swiss-made Bernina 1530 sewing and embroidering machine (carefully packaged with manual, every attachment, sewing accessories, complete with organized containers for each type of item) all the way from Oregon. She also provided crucial telephone troubleshooting on several occasions. Thanks Mom!

Jerone’s mom, Adela, gave us the inspiration for several integral features of this installation through her own practice of crafting with recycled/upcycled materials. She then gifted us a bunch of her own crafting materials to get started on what would eventually evolve into this REEF WAKE.

And Mother Earth— you know what you’ve done for us all.